Family Law

Family Law

The Firm provides a complete consultancy and assistance service in this area where both legal aspects as well as elements concerning human, family relationships and feelings are involved.

A long and specialized expertise in this area permit us to offer a highly qualified service with reference to both economic and personal aspects, paying special attention to those situations that involved minors.

Our services encompass both the draft of prenuptial agreements and agreements adopted after the marriage as well as the assistance in case of marital conflicts that can result in a contested or no contested separation or divorce if the dispute cannot be solved. In these cases, before starting any judicial action, we try to find no-judicial alternatives to guarantee the best solution.


- Separation and divorce initial pleading
- Terms of separation or divorce
- Request for provisional measures
- Parental guardianship
- Child custody
- Visiting rights
- Use of the house
- Spousal support payments
- Child support payments


- Matrimonial economic regime, matrimonial agreements
- Partition of the community property (extrajudicial and judicial assistance)
- Marriage nullity


- International Family Law (divorce with foreign spouse; transfer to a foreign country; child abduction; enforcement of foreign judgements, etc.)
- Criminal Family Law (domestic violence; non-payment of child or spouse maintenance; child abandonment)
- Filiation (paternity acknowledgment; denial of paternity, etc.)
- Guardianship proceedings
- Adoption

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