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The Origins

Romero & Cauli Estudio Jurídico S.C. has been created by the lawyers Inmaculada Romero and Simona Cauli who joined their professional experience together in different law areas, in order to give the clients a complete, customized and highly specialized service: each concrete situation is analysed from different legal perspectives to offer the best solution for the client’s needs.


The firm provides legal assistance and advice both to companies and individuals, giving preference to the lawyer-client relationship which is managed with the maximum transparency and clarity, providing the client with all the necessary information for a full understanding of the case.

Moreover, we have a strong international vocation, counting on a wide knowledge and practical experience in Foreign Law (Italian law and common law systems) and International Law, that allows us to analyse and manage cross-border cases in the areas of Family Law (separations and divorces between citizens of different countries, parental child abduction, etc.) as well as Corporate, Employment and International Commerce Law. Our services are provided, not only in Spanish, but also in Italian, English and German.

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