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Successions and Wills

In many cases the transmission of goods and rights of a dead person can determine very complex situations, that require a specialized assistance of a lawyer whose intervention permits to carry out the division of the inheritance and the adjudication of the goods, assuring the beneficiaries the best legal safety.

The firm offers its assistance and consultancy services in this area also with reference to all the tax aspects of an inheritance (inheritance tax and municipal added value tax), in order to reduce the fiscal impact of the assets received by the heirs.

We are specialized in division proceedings, estate administration, will challenge, etc. We also assist people who want to make a testament in order to assure that their last will is validly expressed.

Obligations and Contracts

Our clients, both Spanish and foreigners, receive a complete and qualified advice service during all the phases, the initial negotiation, the draft of the contract and its execution..

On the other side, the breach of a contract or other events that follow the contract signature (for example, the discovery of hidden defects of the sold good) can require the extrajudicial or judicial intervention of a lawyer. Our services include any kind of agreement and contract permitted by the civil and commercial legislation in force (for example, distribution, agency, franchising, sale, lease, time-share, etc.)

Tort Liability

Our services include the main areas of tort liability, among which traffic accidents, work-related accidents, professional negligence and medical negligence, etc.

We assist our clients both in the negotiations between the victim, the author and the insurance company as well as during the possible judicial phase in order to obtain the damage compensation in civil and criminal trial.


Living in a condominium can cause many problems, such as the non-payment of shared expenses and costs by an owner, the execution of works in common areas of the building, the opposition to an assessment decision by their condominium association, etc.

In this area, our services encompass both the extrajudicial consultancy in order to guarantee the correct management of a condominium and the valid adoption of decisions by the condominium association as well as the judicial assistance to recover unpaid expenses, to oppose assessment decisions adopted by the association, etc.

We keep the condominium informed about all the judicial and extrajudicial activity, keeping in touch with the Administrator and President of the condominium and participating in the condominium meetings.

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